Monday, March 25, 2013

Week in Review - a bit late

This past week in school:

 A little Starfall, a little All About Reading

Trying out Math U See - I have now made a better "Decimal Street" - so don't laugh

My oldest doing his devotions with the Action Bible and a sheet I made for him

We did an activity from his reading of the burning bush - to see if we could keep something burning and then it not burn up.  We couldn't but you probably already knew the outcome.

Phonics bingo from All About Reading

Handwriting - not her favorite . . . 

We did a fun science thing because  my son LOVES animals and ocean life and such.  I will be giving more detail later this week.

This past week in regular life:

My cousin came over a while back and we made homemade mascara and my homemade lip balm too.

Here is my sassy girl trying on her new swimsuit and showing off our lip balm tubes.

I've been trying to do some fun hairstyles lately from Cute Girls

Here are the kiddos on St. Patrick's Day.  I didn't have enough green shirts for everyone.

My sweet girls - they are wearing the pillowcase dresses I made from last year.

We went to a friend's house this week and she is having chickens this year so we got to see them.

We went to our local community center for PE.

Brother and Sister:)

My brother asked me to make beans and cornbread and then he came over for supper.  We always put our leftover cornbread in milk and eat it.  I had to take a picture of it.

Here is our baby girl wearing her uncle's hat.

There you have it - a peak into our week.  I hope you had a good week in your house.  Don't forget to make a mess in the name of fun at least a few times a week!


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