Monday, April 1, 2013

This Week's Goals

This week's Goals:


  • Journal at least 3 days a week and use my prayer journal
  • Exercise 4 days this week
  • Go over my Bible verses from the Navigators - 2 a week.
  • Put together a page every week for my Shutterfly Family Photo Year Book and put the finishing touches on my 2011 book and one page for my 2012 book.



  • Work on carving out a weekly date night time - arrange babysitting.
  • Do something that he usually has to do - like take out the trash or start his vehicle if its cold.


  • Work on manners at the table
  • Work on quiet time consistency
  • Work on refining Spider theme unit study

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family

  • Encourage others - send a verse once a week with encouraging words via text, e-mail or phone call and write two encouraging notes per week. 
  • Invite someone over for a meal or a snack
  • Keep Mom's group going


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