Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dabbling in Montessori

I have been fascinated by Montessori methods for a few years now but each time I look into it I end up frustrated by my lack of funds and my lack of space to do it at home.  This year though we were able to put our daughter into a half day Montessori program and a school close by.  It costs half of what other Montessori schools costs.

I love it.  I love going there.  I love looking at all of the materials and how the classrooms are set up.

So I am trying again - doing more of it at home with my preschooler but still without a lot of funds and not a lot of space.  But I am convinced it is a great way to go.

Here is where I am starting:

This book is divided up into 5 sections:  practical life, developing the senses, language development, numeracy skills, science skills.

I decided just to start at the beginning and do a page from each section each week.  I set up the bottom shelf of my big Ikea shelf for his Montessori trays.

Like I said - I do not have a lot of room so this will work for now.  What I love about Montessori is how they teach practical life and how gross and fine motor skills are taught.

I like the order to it.

It is just tough making sense of it all and figuring it out which is why I am starting with this book.

I have also been making a few things on my own.

If you have thought about Montessori at all I would encourage you to dig deeper.

Living Montessori Now is a great blog.  I'd also go and visit a Montessori school in your area so you can see how things are laid out.

You Tube also has many Montessori videos for you to see.


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