Monday, September 16, 2013

Week In Review - my girl turned 6!

This week my big girl turned 6.  She attends a Montessori school half day and I was able to go with her the whole time she was there on her birthday.  I LOVED it.  She is in a very small class and I was able to sit with her while she did her work.

We first got to go to the playground and the other girls sang Happy Birthday to her.  It was so sweet.

She worked on the moveable alphabet.  We took the "i" drawer.  It has objects in it that have the short i sound and she took those out - sounded out the words and spelled them and then wrote them on paper and made a book with them. Amazing!

We did the red and blue rods next.  She knew how to do everything and what to take to the rug and in what order to put it back.  We played a game with these too.

Then she did a worksheet on 8 and 9.

At home I got a new (to me) music curriculum and the kids LOVED playing with it.

Here our homeschool Co-op rolled out clay and did cuneiform writing on them.

Here the kids are watching the music DVD lesson - it was on stringed instruments this week.

My friend brought her guitar and gave the kids a quick lesson.  My dad would be so proud - he is a guitar player and maker!

More music.

Life Stuff

We lead a very exciting life.  And so here the kids are fascinated by the lobsters at the grocery store.

This little chick is all over our house just getting into everything she sees.  Do you like the half picture of my toilet?

I managed to  make it to Chick Fil A in time for Friday's free sausage biscuit.  He was so surprised.

The Birthday Party

So Sassafras (I call her that sometimes) turned 6.  This is her outfit we picked out together.

She wanted a fashion theme because ya know, we are so up on fashion (right).  My sister and stepmom helped me did these shoe cupcakes.  They are nearly impossible.

Fancy right?

I made the cupcakes pink and purple.  I won't do that again.


My other sister (not the one that helped me with the cupcakes).  Isn't she gorgeous?  I think she is.

We had a sleepover and here is the gang.

She loved this bag because it had so many pockets you see.

Her Mimi made her this for her American Girl doll - it is a place to hang her clothes!

The girls did their nails.

Then I colored their hair - pink and blue.

my niece

And because I don't have enough going on - I gave three of the girls a sewing lesson.  To be fair they have been asking me to for quite some time.

I had to teach them to iron though.  Kids these days.  (But seriously, the only time I iron is when I sew).

She wanted to make a bag with straps long enough to go across her.  So we did.  And she is crazy.

She just wanted a bag big enough to put her jewelry in.

She wanted to make something to hold her Kindle - so we did.

I love sewing truthfully and teaching it to others is even more fun!

This little cutie and I were in the nursery at church on Sunday so I had to snap a picture.

We also had a House Party - Beyblade Warriors!   Yes, it was a busy weekend.

 Normally, our weeks are not this eventful!  Did  you notice I did not get a lot of pre-K teaching done.  Because I'm still trying to figure out that whole thing.  Oh decisions!

How was your week?


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