Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week In Review - Schoool, Life and being real

Preschool (and more)

Practical Life

I decided to start with Practical Life and I just made a tray for the older kids too.  They could use work on  their knife skills.  We started with cutting a banana.

We also learned how to turn a shirt right side out.


Miss M now likes to read her little Bob Books to anyone who will listen (and sit still - which is hard to find).  We also finished our read aloud!  It was a Magic Treehouse book.  I just hope we can find more they will like as well.


We worked on 1-4 with my preschooler.  We just did different things.  Tracing with his finger, writing in salt, counting objects and putting them on the numbers.

He wanted to do letters after the numbers.  He loves the salt stuff.

Play dough time

Letters sounds

I got 2 buckets and put "a" stuff in one and "b" stuff in the other and I showed him the objects and had him listen for the sound they start with.  B of course had to have Batman!

Threw in a few sign language cards.

We started this parts of a flower thing but it really fizzled with him.

He loves to do Starfall too.

He also made a "C" with his little wrestlers and he wanted to write on our little white board and he wrote a "C" all by himself without me asking.

I did not take as many pics of my oldest doing stuff but here he is working on his map work for history.


We try to do art, music, a science experiment, a history hands on project every week at co-op.  My son hates art.  If I can find a project that he does not hate I consider it a success.  This week I was not successful.  It was a lot of cutting and he hated it.  I failed at being kind about it and I realized that the cutting is not easy for him with his lack of fine motor skills and being left handed.

I have to learn to let things go.  I don't want either of us to be miserable over a small art project.  Yes, he needs to learn to do things but I also need to slow down and have more patience to help him.  Lesson learned - I pray I will be able to better this week.

In history this week we had the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors.  We watched a cartoon version at co-op.  I was just going to watch part 1 but they wanted to watch all of it.

They made a candy version of the coat of many colors with graham crackers, icing and colored candy.

We made a salt battery and measured the voltage of different items.  It was interesting but maybe just a bit over their head.


We watched the DVD about the brass family and then the kids did some dot to dot.  They loved dot to dot.  I had to find 3 more for them to do because they kept asking.

My husband played the trombone and so we were able to get it out and let some of the kids try it.

I was able to go on a field trip with my daughter's school to the dairy farm.  Woo wee did that place smell . . . interesting.

baby calves

 Love these things.  I want one for my backyard.

The corn bin

Life Stuff

If I don't get him a nap he ends up just falling asleep anywhere at anytime.  Even if I get him a nap he won't go to sleep as quickly at night.  So whatever - I still try to nap him.

Miss M set up a massage night for me (she gave me a little massage) and she painted my nails and she set up this snack station.

This little cutie likes playing with our little kitchen cabinet and notice she is standing up and not holding onto anything.

Here is our laundry mountain.  The kids wanted to climb up on it but they didn't want to help fold it.

She had her picture day this week and this was the outfit she chose herself.

Her silly face.

This week I started something I should have been doing everyday.  We go on a nightly walk.  It is leisurely for me but they run ahead to a certain place that I tell them to stop and they either run back to me or wait for me.  They get their energy out and we get some fresh air too.

Also, I am getting more into Montessori at home and I asked my dad to make the "Pink Tower".  If you want to find out how to use it go here.  Anyway it runs from $50-$80 and if you can afford it buying a good quality one is the way to go especially if you are going to use it on multiple children but I can't quite pay that right now so here is our version.  I still have to paint it but I love the job he did!

 Here is what one looks like:

From the Children's Garden

 I hope you have a good week! 


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