Monday, November 25, 2013

25 Days of Random Acts of Kindness for the Christmas season you can do with kids!

I have been wanting to do this for a long, long time but never put anything together.  This year we are doing this!  I'm so excited that my kids are old enough to do this too and to understand it (most of them are anyway).

We are doing homeschool light in December - just the three R's in the afternoon so that in the morning we can do our service projects.  I am also planning fun outings to go along with these and I will post that tomorrow!  We are doing service projects at our church each Sunday so I didn't plan anything for those days.

Here is our plan for the month of December:

1 - Service project at church
2 -Dollar store Dollars - tape dollars to toys at the Dollar store
3 - Make and Send cards to the military (or family in the military) and/or sponsored child
4- Bake and take cookies or other baked goods to local fire station.
5- Cook and deliver a meal as a surprise to a mom with lots of littles
6 - Buy and take crayons and coloring books and put them in maternity ward waiting rooms
7 - Bake and take cinnamon rolls to neighbors and family and friends just because . . .
8 - Sunday service project at church
9 - Go visit Grandma (or an older relative or friend) and clean something for her and bring lunch
10 - Go buy several $5 Starbucks gift cards and hand them out throughout your day
11 - Take cookies to neighbors or those that can't get out much
12 - Take treats to our local post office
13 - Tape quarters to carts at Aldi
14 - Take treats to husband's work for the other workers
15 - Sunday service project at church
16 - Feed meters downtown
17 - Take thank you notes and Starbuck cards to Animal shelter workers and Pregnancy care workers
18 - Take goodies to nurses at my sister's work
19 - Pay for the food for the person behind us (or drink or coffee) at stores
20 - Taping quarters to vending and toy machines around town
21 - Donate cans of food to a local food shelter
22 - Sunday service project at church
23 - Write a letter to an elected official thanking them for their hard work.
24 - Take drug store workers notes and gift cards that have to work on Christmas Eve
25 - Take drug store workers notes and gift cards that have to work on Christmas

There are so many ideas out there - you can check Pinterest Boards and many other places for more ideas.

There are also printable cards that you can print.  Click on the link and it will take you to the blogger's website where you can print the cards.  You can also make it an Advent activity.


Here are some plain ones if you'd like.

Darling Doodle's cards
Blank ones to personalize
A Holiday one

 This blog has cards, calendars and bookmarks to download for free.

If you have more ideas I would LOVE to hear them especially ones to do with kids.


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  1. I love these ideas, especially the gift cards for people who have to work Christmas Eve/Day.


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