Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas gift ideas - Homemade Vanilla {a repost}

I am reposting from Christmas' past.

I started this gift in July.  I first read about doing this on Heavenly Homemakers website and it seemed so easy.  You will find her instructions here.

Here's is what you need:

1 gallon of Vodka (doesn't matter what brand cheap is fine) - I sent my husband to buy this for me
A gallon jar - I bought some used off of Craigslist, otherwise you could try home good stores or Amazon.

Vanilla Beans - according to Laura at Heavenly Homemakers, she used 80, but I saw somewhere else where they only used 20 and 20 was cheaper so I used 20.  I bought them from Amazon.

You will need jars to put them in to give as gifts.  I bought 2 oz. jars from Mountain Rose Herbs.  They were roughly $1.25 each.  You want to make sure and get the amber glass with the screw lids.  This mixture will make approximately 20 2oz. bottles.

As far as the label I just used an Avery 5160 label and again, I made it in Word.

If you have ever bought real vanilla, you know how wonderful it is.  Imitation just isn't the same.  When you smell this you will know it is the real deal.  And what could be easier, just let it sit for 6 months.  Follow Laura's instructions (which is what I did) and you should have some really nice vanilla that will last for quite a while.

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