Monday, December 2, 2013

First Day of Random Acts of Christmas Kindness - the Dollar store

We started our Random Acts of Christmas Kindness today. 

We are using toys they have around the house to bring messages about how we are going to give to others that day.  It is kind of our take from Elf on the Shelf.

 My 4 year old loves his little wrestlers so I've been using those.  Today we went to the Dollar store and taped dollars to some candy and toys.  I used the printables from my post last week.

Here the kids are putting them on things.

Honestly, this was a lot harder than I thought.  Not the putting on of the money but the explaining things to the kids.

My youngest wanted to use the dollars for himself at first.  I had to really explain to them what we are doing and why.  I had to go over it several times.  This just tells me this is a much needed project for the kiddos!

They were so excited though when we actually did it.  I told them it was like a spy mission and we didn't want anyone to notice what we are doing.  We just needed to get in and get out.

We will see how tomorrow goes.


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