Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Help your kids do their own laundry - with a cool easy project

I decided that my kids were totally old enough to help me so I wasn't so overwhelmed with laundry.  I really mainly only have my 8 year old and by 6 year old do theirs.  I have them dump their stuff in the washing machine and I take it from there - I do the soap and I transfer it to the dryer but once it is dry I have them bring our green basket and take it from the dryer to the living room.  My four year old brings his too and I at least have him fold his pants but the process takes.a.long.time.

They  have their ways of doing it.  My son dumps it all in a pile on the floor while watching TV.  I have encouraged him to do what my daughter does to make it easier.  See the picture below.

So here it is:

Step 1.  Take laundry from dryer to room where you are going to fold it.

Step 2.  Separate clothes into categories.  My daughter had me make signs for her - pants, shirts, skirts for the girls, pajamas and socks and undies.

Photo: She is very systematic when it comes to doing her laundry.  First it is separated into categories then she folds it.

Step 3.  Fold.  Below is a video of a little invention I made for them to make folding easier.

* I got this idea from reading I Heart Organizing's blog a long time ago.  She had a picture of this thing.  It is a FLIPFOLDER from the Container store and it costs $21.99

 Get one if you want or if you happen to have a thin, long box that used to hold wipes like this one:

Simply Right Baby Care Premium Wipes - 900 ct.
from Sam's Club

Then you can do this on the video below.  I used these basic instructions but really I just kind of figured it out myself.  

Step 4.  Put away - "Please, put them away.  Please put away your clothes.  Could you please put away those clothes.  Can you get the clothes off the Futon and put them away in your drawers?  Please."  Let's be honest that is how it usually goes.


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