Monday, February 3, 2014

But I'm not good with reading and math

Last night, my 8 year old and I were the only ones awake.  He was helping me out by putting away the dishes while I picked up a few things.  Then I promised him I would read to him from a cool book we have about dinosaurs of the deep. 

We were cuddled on the couch after we had finished our jobs and I read things to him from this book.  And he pointed out something so interesting that I would have never thought of and I said, "Buddy, that is brilliant.  You are so smart.  I never would have thought of that."

And then he said this, "Mom, how can you say I'm smart?  I'm behind my grade level in reading.  I'm not very good at math.  I'm dyslexic you know."


I took this time to show him how much he has improved in reading and even with his math and then I told him that he sees things in a way that not everyone does.  He can discover things that the rest of us would never know is there.  He points out things to me and I have an "Aha" moment that would have never come from my own brain.

But his dyslexic brains sees things so differently and it is a HUGE blessing.  He has probably 100 ideas a day and each are so interesting and so cool.

I keep assuring him that one day he will be able to make those ideas come to light and I cannot wait to see it happen!


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