Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week In Review

School Stuff

Our friend came over and talk to us about the Ukraine and Russia.  She was a missionary there for nine years.  She wrote the kids name in Russian and taught us a song in Russian.  She told us what life was like over there and the kids asked questions.  She explained what the school experience was like too.

I volunteered again for my middle two's Montessori school (they go half days in the afternoons).

Here she is doing a silent "e" activity.

He is punching out North America.

We watched a Wild Kratts on Monday.

Then I had my oldest narrate it for me and I wrote it down for him. 

Then they drew a chipmunk using our Draw Write Now book.  Makenna wanted to do the copy work even though I did not require it.

 She also wanted to color a Wild Kratts picture while she watched.

Some strategies we use for our boy during homeschooling - when I am reading something to him he plays with this therapy dough.

And between lessons his dad had the idea of doing some exercises so he does 10 of these and then we throw a ball back and forth and either count by two's or just count to 30.

Some math stuff.

And I actually colored this while we listened to History.  Because they are so pretty and so I was a control freak just this once and colored these myself.  They are for our history timeline.  My husband wishes I was such a control freak over the state of the house I bet, ha ha.

Life Stuff

Makenna got her hair cut!  She donated it too.

Little Miss sporting a side ponytail.  Oh the 80's are back.

Strawberry shortcake enjoyed at Mimi and Pawpaw's house.

And a tractor ride!!

A treat at Orange Leaf.

An attempt at St. Patty's Day pictures.  Right.

How was your week?

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