Sunday, February 8, 2015

Paleo menu plan 2.8.15

Here is this week's menu with a few new recipes.


Paleo sausage egg mc"muffin"

Bacon and eggs and green peppers and apples

Sausage, egg and pepper bake

Tex-Mex Breakfast Hash Casserole



Stir fry with stir fry frozen veggies from Sam's Club and whatever meat we have left over.  I throw in some ginger, garlic salt and coconut aminos to taste.

A big salad with whatever meat and veggies we have.


Oven baked pork ribs and

Garlic and herb crusted pork roast and

Slow cooker apple scented venison roast and

Andouille sausage and sweet potato bake and spinach salad

Pioneer Woman's Hamburger soup because it is so good.  Did not have last week

Hamburgers and homemade fries and green beans

Leftover Day


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