Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Environmentalists and Christians

Can Environmentalists and Christians possibly have things in common? I say yes! I am a Christian (not just one of those 70% of Americans that say they are Christians - I really am). Yet I also see some of the good points of Environmentalists. God wants us to be good stewards over the things he has given us to take care of. Why not try to recycle? Why not try to buy organic fruit and vegetables from your local community? It wastes less gas for those that have to haul the fruit and veggies across the country to your local grocery store. Also, why not buy grass fed beef and free range chicken and eggs? I mean, even though we are eating these animals, don't we want everything to be treated humanely?
Obviously some environmentalists can go overboard, but I think we have a lot more in common that some people think!

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