Monday, May 12, 2008

CVS this week

So, I could have done better, but I was in a big hurry because I was completely out of formula.

Similac $23.99
Colgate Total Adv. $2.99
Aquqfresh Extreme $2.99
Total: $29.97

I used the $3/$15 coupon
$5 Similac coupon/check
$1 each coupon for the toothpaste
$10.99 in ECB's

Total OOP: $8.98
Total ECB's back: $4.99

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  1. Gmoney, you are so awesome. How is it that I still do not get how this CVS stuff works? Am I obtuse?? Also, you know me - do you honestly think this is something for me? Don't try to explain it to me in the blog, because I've read everyone's explanations (here and on the other recommended blogs) and I just don't get it - this is going to require some in person instruction!


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