Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Love Garage Sales!

I just love garage sale season. Today a friend called me to go to the park, but she said she was at a community garage sale. I wasn't even off of the phone with her and I was running around getting my shoes on and trying to get the kids' stuff together. I told her I would be right there.

It was a really nice neighborhood. I love garage sales in really nice neighborhoods! Of course, the prices are a little higher than I would normally pay. But, their stuff is also a lot nicer. I had decided a while back that I would only try to buy actual outfits or sets. So today, I definitely did that. Except I did buy my son some jean shorts because he needed them (picture not included). So I ended up spending roughly $15.00 for 4 outfits. It is a little higher than I normally would go, but these were complete outfits - two of which are from Gymboree. Again, I love garage sales!


  1. Loved the blog. I can actually hear you saying the words as I read them. The garage sale outfits are very cute, and I am very impressed by the bread pictures from an earlier post. Are you aren't giving up all modern conveniences (except blogging and yard sales, of course) for the Amish way of life? I like getting a glimpse into your days. Take care, HP.

  2. Thanks, I would think about becoming Amish because I do like to wear black, but that whole no electricity thing might not work for me.

  3. Yeah, I see how you are. Buying MORE adorable clothes to put my sleeper-wearing daughter to shame!


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