Saturday, July 19, 2008

How I completely wasted $10.00

Yes, I put my baby girl in a baby contest at the fair. No, I am not one of “those” mothers. My cousin was supposed to do it too, but I never saw her there and she was the one that talked me into it! And, my friend had put both of her boys in it and one of them even won the whole thing (of course that was a different county). Anyway, so it was hot and humidity was at 80% and we were in the horse born (yes, it smelled like poop). Then it was suppose to start at 8:15, but the photographer collapsed just to the right of the stage and the fire department had to be called, and they had to start an IV on him. When he was carried away it was more like 9 am, and I think he was okay, he just got overheated.

So, we were running 45 minutes behind and getting dangerously close to nap time. My daughter was of good spirits. She was smiling at everyone and clapping her hands. Of course that all stopped when it was time to be in front of the judges. She just stared blankly at them and then put her finger in her mouth. That was it, nothing more. Of course, 5 seconds after that she started laughing and clapping.

On top of that, I thought well she got a little ribbon and I could put a scrapbook page together with pictures of her in it, but my sweet father, who took pictures didn’t realize that you have to put the flash on to get clear pictures. I didn’t tell him this so it was not his fault. So to top the morning off below are some awesome pictures of our one AND ONLY baby contest. I should note that my husband absolutely does not want me to post pictures of myself or my children on my blog but since you cannot even make out who we are I thought these would be okay.

Here we are doing nothing. Not even a smile.

Here are some before and after shots where we were more animated. Although the pictures look like we might be in the witness protection program because our faces are slightly blurred.

So there you go, my adventures in baby contest. I don't think there is any danger of her winning a scholarship for college in a beauty pageant since I am never going to enter her in another one. So, I told her she would have to study hard instead.


  1. Hilarious.

    So, does your husband know that there are pictures of your daughter in MY blog? Lol.

    Looks like you should have hired a photographer for this, eh? ;)

  2. Well, I don't know what's with those judges! She's a doll whether she's smiling and clapping or not. I hope the next time we all get together I'm not sick again and can actually hold her!!!

  3. The whole thing was funny and then you added the pictures! Now the pictures have to go in the scrapbook. I'm sure her brilliance will earn her a scholarship to college...


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