Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday . . . Sam's Club Click 'n Pull

Well, I tried an experiment. I decided to finally get another Sam's club membership for the sole purpose of using their "Click 'n Pull" feature. I set up my account and put in an order on Friday night. I ordered only things that I knew we would use. I know the price I pay normally for things and I am careful to not overpay because it is a bulk item. But, the convenience is so nice. I did have a problem. When I ordered my items, I got an e-mail that said it would be ready for pick up by 9am on Saturday. I went there expecting to pick up my items and they said, "Oh, well, you are the second person to come here. Our lady that does that isn't here on Saturday's so you will have to wait until Monday." I said, but the e-mail said Saturday after 9am. They said, we know, but you can wait here for us to pull the items. Well, that is the whole purpose for me doing the program - not to wait. Well, I went back on Monday and picked up the items. I did have to wait for someone to actually go and get the items for me. They were all ready in a cart, but it took her about 10 minutes just to find someone to wheel the cart to me. Anyway, here are the pros and cons that I have experienced:

Pros: It is very convenient and I can shop at home for the things I want. I don't have to pay for the items until I pick them up. I can check out through the Customer Service desk. I get someone to bring me all of my items.

Cons: The customer service still isn't the greatest, but I knew that going into it. You can't actually see how big the items might be if you don't know this ahead of time. You may still have to wait for them to bring you the cart so don't expect to get out of there quick.

**One note, I don't love Wal-mart or Sam's for the main reason that they get so much of their stuff overseas from China. We actually got some frozen fish from Sam's and it said it was "Made in China". Seriously, that is ridiculous. I definitely won't get that again and I will always look where something is from if possible!

Overall, I think I am happy with this service, but I am going to try it a few more times to make sure. I wish there was a Costco closer to me because they have more organic stuff.

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  1. frozen fish made in china? that's just scary!!!

  2. I saw that feature on their website and was wishing that Costco did this! (course, after reading that it wasn't ready for you, maybe I don't)

    That's crazy about the fish being made in China though. I better look closer at our frozen stuff when I buy it from now on *sigh*


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