Thursday, August 7, 2008

When in Doubt

As Christians, I think we have all had those times of doubt in our lives. We see tragedy and heartache. We hear about incredible suffering here and around the world. We see small, sweet children who have been neglected and abused. We wonder why? How can a loving God allow this to happen? It is the question many unsaved people ask. How best can we answer it when sometimes we have asked the very same question?

I was watching Larry King tonight. I never usually watch it but my friend called to tell me the Chapman’s were going to be on. If anyone can answer this question, it is them. They lost their 5-year old adopted daughter in May. I have purposefully avoided all coverage of this story because I tend to get so emotionally involved in these kinds of stories. My husband begs me not to watch. But tonight was different. I did cry. I won't lie. How can you not? But the incredible hope that the Chapman's have is so different from other people. How can you not see a difference in these people? How can you not see the hope that they have and how real it is? I think that the world did see a difference in these people and I hope they saw that there is hope in tragedy. There is a God that does love you in spite of the things that you have gone through in your life.

On another note, the Chapman's are huge adoption advocates. I have always, always wanted to adopt, but my husband has not quite felt that same calling. I am patiently waiting for the day that he might feel it. I was just wondering, does anyone have some stories of adoption? Please share that if you do!


  1. I watched the video of the story and cried throughout.

    How many adoption stories do you want? My 2 beautiful children both joined our family through adoption and many of our friends have been blessed as well. I could point you to bulletin boards, blogs, websites, etc.

  2. My husband and I have always wanted to adopt also.

    I have a close friend who adopted a son a little over a year ago. She said it was a great experience.

    She blogs over here:

    Good luck!

  3. Thanks for leaving the comment about my chocolate syrup. Since I do not like chocolate I can't say if I liked it or not. But my children loved it. So it works for me. YEAH!

  4. I'm so glad that you found our site and that you are interested in adoption. We have met so many wonderful people while in the process of adopting a sibling group. We are so excited and promise to keep you posted on our progress as we begin meeting children who are eligible for adoption.

    Blessings and thanks!

  5. Hey Girl, I have a patient at work that adopted a little boy two years ago from an orphanage and the best part is that he was potty trained when she adopted him. The patient states that the orphanage has potty chairs lined up and down the hallways, and they start potty training before they are out of diapers. Now is that a bonus or what, you don't even have to go through all the mess or hard work of training!
    This little boy is now in pre school and just had his first visit to the dental office.

  6. The Chapman's are huge supporters of Bethany -- the company that we are adopting through. They have worked so hard to encourage people to provide these wonderful children with loving homes. They advocate a terrific support network that lasts throughout the life of that child at Bethany offices because they really want the placement to work.

    I am so sad for them. I cry, too.



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