Thursday, May 6, 2010

Frugal Kids Activites with a bubble recipe

On Sunday Night I write a very rough schedule of what I want to do with the kids for the week (again, because if I don't have a plan things do not get done).  I then print out any crafts or coloring pages that I want to do from various resources.  I keep this in a folder with my "rough" schedule paper clipped to the front of the folder.  I keep this folder accessible for whenever we have time to do some fun things.  I also have a tentative plan for what we want to do each day.

I loosely following an alphabetic schedule so last week was A and this week is B.  I am not pushing it I am just letting them have fun.  What is really hard for me is to find an activity that both my son and my daughter will like to do.  Because my son will color for about half of a second and my daughter will color for hours - coloring is not our top activity.  So I am sharing some of things that we did last week.

I already talked about this fun activity.  After we did this, we got out some beans (B for beans - get it?  Well these were actually black-eyed peas, but that starts with B as well).  I took my sons little Robin and Batman action figures and hid them in the beans in a giant mason jar.  I had my son shake it up and down to "reveal" where the guys were.  Then we switched to rice and one of us hid our eyes and the other person would "bury" the guys and then we would dig for them in the rice.  They both seemed to love this.

 My son has loved the few things I have done with him that are like experiments so I decided we would try to make homemade bubbles (let me tell you my husband did not like homemade bubbles since he had to clean them off of the deck).

I used a homemade bubble recipe from here.

 Combine 1 cup of water with 1/3 cup of Dawn (or Joy). 

Add 2 tablespoons of light corn syrup or glycerin.

Stir very well.
Now tape a bunch of straws together.  Tape them well.  Then dip your straws in your bubble mixture.  Here is a trick we learned - make sure you get a lot of the mixture in the straws and hold it horizontally and then blow into the straws and out will come a bunch of tiny bubbles.


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