Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Little Ladybug

My little girl turned 3 this past week and I really had been wanting to do a ladybug themed party so that is what we did.  She loved it, but she is very easy to please.  The idea came from here and I bought a PDF file from her Etsy shop.  I  made this party pretty low key and didn't invite a lot of people like I did for the boys' birthday.  My daughter just requested two friends from church and my immediate family so that is what we did.

I served a taco bar (thanks for the inspiration Connie) and then we had cake (made by my cousin - visit her website) and ice cream.  

Of course I have talked about our love of pinatas and it just would not be a birthday party without one. 

And my husband finally tore it open because whoever makes those pinatas makes them so strong that we have to beat it to get the thing open.

Then we went inside for some cake!

And we opened some presents.

And we ate some blue ring pops.

And later we tried on our new outfit and got into mommy's make up.

It was a good time with our only girl.  She is sweet and sassy and likes to talk a lot (I don't know where she gets it) but she is precious and a joy and we love her dearly.


  1. Happy Birthday Makenna! Hard to believe that she is 3 already. I love the little jean dress with the black tights and turtleneck - so cute! And her cake is awesome!!!

  2. Did your cousin make that totally awesome lady bug cake?

  3. Sarah - she absolutely did. I hate to even attempt making a cake when I know I can just pick up the phone and call her. I actually have promised to make her two aprons for this cake so I have to get on that this week.

  4. Seriously....the makers of pinatas. What are they thinking?!

    I LOVE that Scotch tape wrapping paper!!!

    Happy 3rd birthday, Makenna! (A few days late)


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