Friday, December 3, 2010

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

I finally finished sewing our stockings.  It was a labor of love let me tell you.  I think I made it harder than it had to be, but that is usually my problem.  I made them kind of fun with some funky letters and such.  I really love how they turned out though.   You will also notice that we don't actually have a chimney or a real fireplace.  I have fireplace envy.  I long for a wood fire place.  I love them (yes, I know they are a lot of work).  I have fond memories of my grandparents fire place.  We always came in first thing and warmed ourselves by the fire.   Alas, I am settling for a faux fireplace.  But it was my grandma's so I am thankful for that.  I am just glad we have a mantle.  We've never had one to hang stockings on.

Since I showed you  my stockings I might as well show you some of my other Christmas decorations. They are ones that mean a lot to me.

I love these carolers.  My mom always had them out when I was growing up and I told her how much I loved them and she gave them to me.  I don't know why I love them I just do.

My tree is not fancy (shocked, right?).  I think it is very homey and sweet but it is definitely not fancy.  Among my favorite ornaments are the ones that my mother-in-law makes for us.  She makes ornaments every year and usually with our names on them.  At first she only had to make two for us, then three, then four and now five.  They are always cute and the kids love to put them on the tree (and they are not breakable!).

We do have a fake tree, but someday I hope to have a real tree.  Someday when our children are older and won't drink out of the water that the tree sits in not that thats happened but trust me it would.

Anyway, that is my Christmas decor update.  Aren't you glad you read all the way to the bottom.  I know it was riveting.

My cousin just posted this video to her Facebook and I just wanted to share it with you all because its fabulous.

Yes, I have said it before, I just love Christmas!  Oh and its going to snow more tonight!


  1. Your stockings are so cute, Gretch!
    I LOVE that video - so awesome!

  2. Your stockings are so cute, Gretch!
    I LOVE that video - so awesome!

  3. I love the video. I almost didn't watch it because I figured it had something to do with people going nuts christmas shopping. What a pleasant surprise. I love Handels Messiah. I like the christmas stockings...any reason why yours is red and the others are green?

  4. (a real fireplace is not much work at all! and SO worth it.)

    Also, adorable stockings, now I want to make some ... but Brett says no unnecessary sewing this year, we have enough going on - so maybe next year!


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