Friday, April 15, 2011

Frugal Fitness Ideas

I am no expert on fitness.  In fact, I go in spurts.  I used to be faithful to my exercise routine BK (before kids) but since then I have struggled (yes I know it has been almost 6 years).  I have joined gyms and done other things but I have now found something that actually works and that I can stick with and it costs me $7.99 per month.  But it can cost you even less.  I am a subscriber to Netflix because we don't have cable.  Lately, I have been doing the "10 Minute Solution" DVD's.  These programs have 5 10 minute workouts.  So if you need to do a quick workout you can do one, but I usually do 3 which is 30 minutes.  There are about 6 workouts available on Netflix and I just rotate which ones I am doing. 

I love these workouts because you can customize them to what you need.  But there are other options as well.  My cousin Amee also does some frugal working out.  She does some yoga videos from You Tube. 

You can find cheaper alternatives to working out than going to a gym.  The key is to find something that is actually doable. 

The only equipment that you need with the DVD's are hand weights and a mat (but I just use a beach towel).  And you can also do these on vacation if you are at a place that has wi-fi or if you have a laptop with a DVD player.

Again, if you don't have Netlix you can borrow these from your library if they have them or you can buy them from Amazon.  Of course you can always walk/jog or run for exercise and do various other things.  I have just found these workouts to be great for me because each segment is only 10 minutes long and once you finish one you know how many more you have to do.  I haven't done very much of the Yoga because I am not a Yoga fan, but the rest are pretty good.

So what other frugal ways are there to work out that you do?


  1. I also watch the 10 minute solutions videos on Netflix and work out in my living room! Also, I walk a lot around my university campus. Awesome post!

  2. PetiteDani,

    Thanks! I try to make things easier so I will actually do them:)

  3. I've also found cheap workout videos at Goodwill. Other thrift shops would have them, too.

    I walk almost every morning with a friend. I also try to fit in a walk/run at a local park in between my two morning drop offs for school.


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