Saturday, April 16, 2011

I want to bake, but I also want to fit in my jeans

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This is a random post and it reflects that fact that a.) I'm hungry, b.) I should go to bed, c.) I want something sweet and yummy to eat.  I haven't baked anything for so long now and I am going through serious withdrawals.  But - I refuse to buy bigger pants so therefore, I must stop baking so I don't have to buy bigger pants and so that I am able to fit into smaller pants (eventually). 

You see this vicious cycle?  I think if you have read this blog for more than 5 minutes you know that I love to cook and to bake and now I am eating salads and cheese sticks and carrots and hummus and not cinnamon rolls or chocolate chip cookies and I am ever so slightly grouchy.

So recipes on here may be of the healthier variety and not of the chocolate variety.  Someday I will make PW's Cinnamon Rolls again.  Someday . . .


  1. i gave up sugar for lent. but, with crew heading here this week, i'm canning it a few days early and we will have pdub's cinnamon rolls on friday morning. it's time for the happy dance!! i can hardly wait...

    wouldn't you know, i didn't lose any weight by not eating sugar. i was shocked. (though, that wasn't my intent.)

  2. Katherine,

    Good for you! Cari and I were talking this morning that we pretty much can't even have chocolate in the house (or any sugary stuff for me). But I do have some chocolate chips and if I get really desperate I will eat a few, but mostly I save them for the kids.


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