Thursday, May 5, 2011

This Week in My Garden – the FFA Edition

Well, this past week we had some cold temperatures (37 at night) so I covered my new little garden beds just in case.  And I have a confession to make – I had been taking my seedlings outside during the day to get them used to the weather (also called hardening off) and one night (this is so sad) I left my tomato seedlings out there and they all died.  Horrible right?  So my SIL mentioned she had gotten some plants from her high school’s local FFA plant sale so I headed over there this week.  I bought tomatoes, peppers and marigolds.  Thank goodness for the FFA.  Well, that is about all the exciting news in my garden this week.


My New Flower Boxes

My FFA plants



Here is my little salad pot and it is already starting to see some growth.




  1. I killed ALL of my seedlings this year! I had them out in the greenhouse, it got really hot, and I forgot to water them. The ones that survived were doing really well after I nursed them back to health--but, I never replanted them into bigger containers. It's been a big adjustment for me, gardening with an infant.

  2. Phoebe,

    Oh I know how you feel about the seedlings. This is why I didn't garden as much when I had my youngest. It gets a little easier as the kids get a little older. At least you can always get more plants later and just try the seeds again next year!


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