Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm Just Going to Say It

It has been a while since my last random confession post so I thought it was time for another one.  Hopefully you will still read my blog after I finish. 

My first confession, I used to listen to "rap" music in high school (and yes I went to a Baptist school - not my finest moment).  I know all the words to Ice, Ice Baby and Whoop There It Is and Can't Touch This.  "I toured around the world from London to the Bay . . . "  You know you are singing it.  But I have moved on trust me.

Again, in high school, my friends and I went to Dairy Queen after Bible study.  It started raining really hard and so we all decided where we were going to sit in the car so we were going to make a run for it so we wouldn't get very wet.  I was going to sit on the right side in the back seat of my friend's station wagon.  So we ran and I opened the back door and sat down.  And no one else was in there and I looked in the back of the car and realized that it wasn't a station wagon.  That is when I looked over and saw my friends laughing hysterically at me from the correct car.  I was sitting in someone else's car.

When I was younger my mom made me go to an amusement park with her friends and their son (she was trying to fix me up).  I took my friend with me so it was kind of like a double date except we didn't like the guys.  So we rode a couple of rides with them and then said we were sick and spent almost the whole time in the Red Cross area laying down.  It wasn't the best day ever.

 Awkward - And here is another date story except this one was in college.  I went to this church and there was an older couple there who were so nice and they always invited the college students over after Sunday night church for a meal.  Well, they decided they wanted to fix me up with their younger cousin  (who didn't attend our church) so he called and asked me out and we went to dinner at a restaurant.  It was going fine until they called his name and I just sat there because I didn't even know his LAST NAME.  How horrible is that?  And then after that we went to see a movie and we walked in the wrong theater because this movie had been playing for 45 minutes and we just sat there and watched the last 45 minutes because neither of us wanted to say anything to the other.  Again, not my best date ever.  And I was late for curfew that night - so not worth it.  Yeah, we didn't go out again and he was shorter than me anyway.

Well, enough confessions for tonight.  I hope it wasn't too painful for you.


  1. You don't even want to know what I used to listen to:P


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