Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I was fortunate enough to not only have a great Dad but also the greatest Grandpa growing up.  The great thing about that was my Grandpa raised my Dad so having them both in life was beyond wonderful.  And now I have a husband who is a great father to our children.   I am beyond thankful for him.

My Grandpa
If you knew my dad you would know that he was a big softie.   He could get mad eventually, but it takes a lot.  He never ever spanked me growing up.  I rarely got in trouble by him.  But there was this one time - we were fishing when I was about 6.  I can be a bit hysterical (I know you are shocked) and I somehow got the fish hook stuck in my thumb.  I started screaming and thrashing and he knew that if I kept moving I would get it in deeper.  So he told me to stay still and I wouldn't so right there, he slapped me right across the face and I was so still and stunned that he quickly got the hook out of my thumb.

My dad, my grandma, my great-grandparents and me (the baby)
I have never forgotten it mostly because he never did anything like that so I was not prepared.  Now, it wasn't very hard and it was the only thing he could do to get me calmed down, but I still tease him about it.  He always tried to get me to go to school to be a physical therapist so I could make good money, but I always knew I just wanted to be a stay at home mom (both his girls do this) so I obviously don't make a lot of money.
My dad when he was kid - the little one on the right

He drove a bus for several years for our church when I was little.  I loved going to church early and riding it with him.  My ultimate favorite thing ever about my dad is his guitar.  He has always played them (as long as I can remember).  He would get out his guitar at night (much like Pa Ingalls and his fiddle) and play for us and me and my brother would dance around.  My favorites were "Dizzy" and the "Batman" song.  He always played Dan Fogelberg's "Longer Than" too.  He brought his guitar to family gatherings and we would all sing hymns that we know.  He and my T sing southern gospel songs at church with it and I love to hear them sing.  If you want to see him in action check out this post from my cousin's blog.  Scroll to the end.

He now has put his love of guitars into making them.  He makes his own guitars and I think they are beautiful.  He always wanted one of us kids to play but we never really did.  I think my Little Man might though.  He loves Pawpaw's guitar and he loves to play it.

My dad actually played in a band with my uncle at their tiny town's skating rink but he quit it after he recommitted his life to Christ.  I think my dad is pretty great.   A good example of a sweet, loving dad and a faithful follower of Christ.  You can't get much better than that.

Did I mention my youngest child is obsessed with his Pawpaw?  He does not want to be put down by him nor does he want to be away from him for more than 5 seconds at a time.

And just last week he called me to see if he could come over and watch my kids so I could leave my house for an hour or two.  I hadn't been out of the house much and my husband was working two double shift days in a row.  And he did - he watched all three kids while I escaped for a little bit.

Love ya Dad!  Thanks for putting up with  me for all these years.


  1. You have an awesome dad, Gretch. My fave guitar song of his is "Granny's in the Cellar" or whatever it's called. Hahaha!

  2. This a such a beautiful and heart-warming post revealing your generations. I love it. Happy Father's Day to your husband!

  3. @klutzymama
    I totally forgot about Granny's in the cellar. Lordy, don't you smell her. Cooking pancakes on that old dirty stove.
    My ultimate favorite and my uncle would sing it and we would laugh so hard.
    Thanks for reminding me!


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