Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kids Cooking School - Lesson One

First we went over the Kitchen Safety Rules.  A little dull for them but necessary.  I chose for us to make Eggs in a Hole for breakfast.  My daughter was thrilled.  My son said, "Why do we have to cook our own breakfast."  He eventually liked it.

We washed our hands of course.

I had them cut out the center of their bread with a cookie or biscuit cutter.

Next step, butter and heat the pan.  I had them each put butter in the pan but made sure and told them the pan was very hot so they had to keep their hands high above it so as not to get burned.

I had them put their toast in the skillet.  I was standing there the whole time.  Then I had them crack their eggs into measuring cups.  I did this in case some shell got in there and it is easier to get out in the cups than in the skillet.  They LOVED cracking the eggs.

Then I had them pour (with my help) the egg into the hole in the toast.  After that they salt and peppered the eggs.

I actually flipped the toast with their help (they helped me hold the handle of the spatula).  Then I had them salt and pepper the other side.  After the eggs were cooked through, we sat down to enjoy the breakfast that they cooked.  My son said it was "pretty good".  I say that is victory!

Next week's lesson will be on "spreading" and I think we will make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  If they can get that down, then they could make lunch 3 days a week.

What about you, how do you teach your kids to cook?


  1. Why do we have to cook our own breakfast he says! Too funny:)

    My fourth-born LOVES to help in the kitchen. Mom-in-training big sis is a good baker and provides us with unneeded sweet treats and likes to experiment.

    Cracking eggs is always popular around here too.

  2. @Ma
    I bet it is fun to have a daughter who likes to bake. I can't wait till my daughter is old enough to really start baking.


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