Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31, 1983

Today is the day - the day that I gave my heart to Jesus Christ.  I remember it well.  I was 6 years old, almost 7.  I had been attending church since I was 2 weeks old (thank you to my parents and grandparents).   I had heard the stories of the Bible.  I knew as much as you can at 6, but I knew one very important thing - I did not want to live my life for one more second without Jesus being the Lord of my life.

I know some people wonder if conversion can really happen at the young age, but I think it can.  I was about 12 years old when I rededicated my life to Christ just because about that time is the time in a young person's life when they are hit hard by the world.  Kids start growing up too fast and things can go downhill very quickly (even in a Christian school which is where I went).

I always felt like remembering the date was extremely important to me.  I could always look back and say I knew exactly when it happened. Although I have grown in my faith by leaps and bounds, I still have a long way to go and I am learning something new  And now, I have the added responsibility of teaching my faith to my children.  And I know that I cannot possibly teach it without living it.

If you don't know Jesus, please get to know Him today!  For more information, please visit this Bridge to Life illustration.  And know that salvation is just the beginning of your walk with Christ.



    Crazy thing is your Spiritual Birthday is 5 days after my actual birthday!

    Next year we are definitely having a joint party!

  2. Hi,

    I found you through money saving mom and have been enjoying looking around your blog.

    Both of my children became Christians at a young age. We celebrated my son’s Christian Birthday every year until he was grown; he is currently 21. We have only just begun celebrating my daughter’s Christian Birthday; she will celebrate her second year in February.

    My favorite gift to give on this special day is Adventures in Odyssey. This program played a really big roll in bringing my children to their decision.

  3. @Patty
    That is a great idea! I should start thinking now what to do for my son's spiritual birthday. I myself love Adventures in Odyssey.


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