Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Milen and Joplin

My little nephew Milen has been through quite a lot in his first year of life.  He survived being born with a heart defect and an early heart surgery.  Then he survived the Joplin tornado along with his dad (and mom).  And just last week he survived his most recent heart surgery - all of this before his 1st birthday.  We went to visit my SIL and BIL  and Mr. Milen in Joplin last week on our vacation.  We had not yet seen the devastation and it was unbelievable. 



Do you see the cross in the background?  I just had to take it for that reason.



I’m not even sure what this was.



Do you see the playground still standing?


But things are being rebuilt!


And Mr. Milen - he has no idea what he has been through.  He just keeps on smiling.  A lesson we all could learn.



We managed to get Milen and his cousins to sit still for a few moments for some picture taking.



I cannot say it enough - we are so thankful for God’s grace.  

And you probably can’t see Milen’s shirt very well but it says “Tough Guy” and he is one Tough Little Guy

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