Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Garden in July

While we were gone, we had our friend AJ water our plants and he did such a great job that my tomato plants were twice as big as when we left and I had one huge squash.  My tomatoes aren't red yet but I have quite a few of them.  I also bought some chocolate mint herb and my daughter said it smells like gum and it does!  It smells very spearaminty.

Chives, lavender, parsley, oregano, basil

Here are more green beans coming up
Big tomatoes and squash too with some pepper plants and marigolds


More green beans
Strawberries and giant sunflowers
Little green peppers

Green tomatoes

See that strawberry - I am getting several more of those
 I did get some green beans from the few plants that survived and of course we have been getting lettuce too.

Sorry its fuzzy but I was excited to get it.

I can never get rid of squash bugs.  I have been going out there everyday and scraping the eggs off the bottom of the leaves and squashing the big bugs but you know they won't stop.  Anyone know how to get rid of them organically?  I could put chemicals on them but that pretty much defeats my whole reason for having my own garden.


  1. I don't have any help for the squash bugs...just sympathy. They are pure evil! If you discover a way to get rid of them, please let me know!

    Otherwise- looking great!! :)

  2. @Melissa
    I will. I didn't do squash or zucchini for 3 years for that reason.

  3. I'll bet that chocolate mint would make some yummy tea! I've never heard of squash bugs, but then again, have never tried to grow squash.

  4. Spray the squash bugs with a mix of dish detergent in water. It will kill those little pesky garden ruining things!

  5. Have you checked into Jerry Baker? He is a WIZ at getting rid of just about EVERY bug/fungus/disease for plants known to man. Just thought I would throw that out. We don't have any bugs on our cucumbers and we use blood meal and bone meal for pest deterrent and fertilization. Maybe that would help? Let me know if any of it works!

  6. @Ma
    I bet it would if I liked tea. Maybe I will try it.

  7. @Janet
    You are awesome - thank you! I will be doing this today. I do have one question - it seems when I try dish soap in a squirt bottle it gets clogged. Does your's?

  8. @Anna
    Yes I have - thanks for the reminder. I just didn't find a lot of specifics for squash bugs.

  9. Pests are normal for great looking gardens!hope you get rid of them cause your garden is amazing and would die for one the same with yours

  10. Love those veggies! I also have problems with squash bugs and I just put some net on my squashes. I think it helps me in a little way.

  11. I just harvested my squash and it has little bite of pest. I think net is really helpful.

  12. @Red Rose
    Thank you! It is just a little garden but we are thankful for it.

  13. @Tabby Bear
    I will try that next year. If I do squash again.


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