Friday, July 15, 2011

Week in Review - the Vacation Edition

As I said earlier in the week, we went to visit my in-laws in Springfield, MO and we went to Branson for a few days of fun too.

When we got to Springfield, we went to a local lake and played on the playground and the fed the fish which the kids loved!  We went with my in-laws and my BFF Heather and her two boys.

It was hot!

They don't have these at parks anymore - too dangerous:)

Oh yeah, Grandpa bought us all some fish food.

And here they are awaiting their delicious food to be thrown in.

We stayed overnight at a whole motel (a hotel).  My son has called it a "whole motel" since he was little and I just am not ready to tell him otherwise.  They loved staying there and getting to swim and watch cartoons.

Silver Dollar City

Grandpa in the "wacky house"

Self explanatory

Grandpa and Miss M on one of the rides

My son and my husband are in the middle.   My son is fearless!

"Bank robbers" on our train ride

The carousel

One of the rides little man could go on.

Then we spent the rest of the week visiting family and just having fun.  We went to my husband's cousins.  See those big girls - I used to babysit them when they were little bitty.  Now they are holding my kids.  Anyway, my kids loved the tractor ride.


A time out for some play sword fighting

And this old man apparently needed a walking stick

We also visited my good friend who was also my roommate in college.  All of these people live on at least 10 acres and there are so much fun things to do like run around, swim and jump like crazy on the trampoline.

Oh yes, that is my husband.
 Then we visited with my husband's aunt and uncle.  We used to live very close to them when we lived in Springfield.  Cousin Caitlin was there - and she was wrestling and tickling which the kids loved.

And they got a new dog which the kids actually liked (sometimes they are not found of animals).  My little man thought it was hilarious to stick his finger in the dog's mouth multiple times.  Thank goodness it was a nice dog.

And just because I'm jealous of my husband's cousins garden and chickens, I will show you pictures of them.

All I can say is family vacations are fun!  Where have you been this summer or where are you planning to go?

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  1. I would have died instantly on the ride that Isaac and Ryan are on. Oh my...he is fearless.


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