Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacation is over, or is it?

You may have noticed I have been very absent from the online world.  I haven’t looked at a computer in several days.  I have 102 unread messages in my e-mail.  I was on vacation.  I used to think that going on vacation had to involve sand and an ocean.  I didn’t think you could call it a vacation unless you walked barefoot on the beach - until this past week.  When my husband suggested we go to Branson, Missouri for vacation I wasn’t too sure especially after going to Hilton Head, SC last year.


We stayed with my in-laws in Springfield for most of the week and we also went to Branson for two days.  We went to a water park and to Silver Dollar City and the kids loved it and so did we.  Another great thing about vacationing at my in-law’s house is that my mother-in-law loves to do laundry so we came home with 90% of our laundry done and ready to be put away (thank you so much MJ!).  We visited family and let cousins play.  My in-laws also live a few doors away from my BFF and her husband (who is my husband’s good friend).  We would put the kids to bed and my in-laws would watch them and after we would walk over to my friend’s house and just visit with our friends that we miss so much!


We also loved visiting my husband’s extended family.  Most of them live on some land and have big gardens that I had to tour.  You should see the size of the my husband’s aunt and uncle’s onions.  They are huge.  I am definitely ordering from where they ordered next year.  My kids got to see chickens and cows - even pregnant cows which my daughter loved.  She loves all things babies.  My son got to drive a tractor (with help of course).


This past week definitely has changed my definition of vacation.  It was by far, one of the best vacations I have ever taken.  I was reading a definition of “vacation” from this magazine I like called Living the Country Life and the author (Brent Olson) says, “ . . . if a vacation is when you’re at a place where you would go if you could go anywhere you wanted, them I’m on vacation all the time.”  And I definitely agree - for me being with family is the place that I want to be.  So I guess I would have to say that I’m on vacation all the time (I just have to do my own laundry).


And since my cousin won’t read a post unless you have a picture in it - here is a picture of my kids and my in-laws at Lamberts (a restaurant that throws rolls).  It was hot that day (like it was all week).




P.S.  I will be sharing more stories and pictures later this week.


  1. Thank you so much for the picture. :D
    Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. I had been missing your posts.

  2. This was our vacation every year growing up! Going to stay with the "other Jaynes Family" for the weekend! Fun places to eat out, we did Branson one year and the zoo, shopping, riding bikes up B & MJ's street, go carts, batting cages and my absolute favorite (oh how I wish it was still there to take my kids to) Hydra Slide!!!! So fun and what wonderful memories! We always had traditions like eating breakfast in Sedalia on the way down and stopping at the Truman Dam on the way home to swim. Those were fun vacations that we looked forward to so much.

  3. Glad you guys had such a nice time btw!!

  4. Sounds like you guys had a great time. Josh's grandpa used to take bus trips with his an elderly group of church friends to Branson, Missouri every year...we always wondered what in the world could be so exciting about Branson. Vacationing to visit family can be fun, and sometimes just as fun as sand running between your toes...maybe. I wish someone would do my laundry for me! What a blessing.

  5. @MBeall
    That is so neat. I think Ryan said he broke his tailbone on the Hydra Slide. Maybe that is why they closed it.

  6. @Sarah
    You guys would really like Branson. It is a fun place for families.


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