Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Freezer Cooking Wrap Up - 50 lbs. of Potatoes

If, for any reason, I tell you that I have bought 50 lbs. of potatoes - just stop me right there and tell me to take them back where they came from.  I mean, 30 lbs., maybe, but 50.  Seriously, this was crazy and exhausting and I am finally almost done.  I just did 8 pans of Twice Baked Potato Casserole and peeled, I don't know how many, potatoes and have them soaking in water for my freezer fries (to be made tomorrow).

Here is what I did for my second night of freezer cooking after bedtime:

First I put my potatoes in my dishwasher and did the rinse cycle (like I did last year with my apples).  Then I used this tip from Mary Ann (Gilligan's island) to peel all of my potatoes.

And it worked, kind of, the peeling did not come off by just my hands, but it did come off very easily with my knife.

Anyway, I think next time I may find some side dishes that don't involve peeling.  Suggestions appreciate

Do you want to see the dishes I did?  I bet you do.

That is all for now.  Have a good night!


  1. I LOVE PW's au gratin potatoes. Have never frozen them, so I'm not sure about that, but it involves no peeling.

  2. Mmm! Looks like you've been busy!

    I just wanted to drop by and let you know I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog (a free blog design) if you know of anyone who might be interested:

    A very happy Wednesday to you, Gretchen!

  3. I rarely peel my potatoes at all. The skins are supposed to be good for you and nobody here minds them. I leave them on for mashed, cheesy, fries, everything. I find that peeling is sometimes easier than washing, though.

  4. @Ma
    I find the same thing - peeling is sometimes easier than peeling. The reason I peeled these is because they are almost passed their prime and the skins weren't too pretty.

  5. Hello, I am new to your blog. Its been less than 24 hours since I found it, I honestly don't remember how I stumbled upon it but spend a lot of time last night and time today on it! I love it. Thanks for all you do! I certainly believe that it was HIM that led me to your site, it was just what I needed last night :) I wanted to ask a few questions. I am looking at your freezer cooking. For your potato dishes that you make do you cook them first? Or just put into a pan then freeze and then cook when ready? I am sure I"ll have lots of questions as I go! :) Thanks I appreciate it :)

  6. For what it's worth, I NEVER peel potatoes. That's where a lot of the nutrition is, and I love the texture and the "rustic" look they give everything. Just skip the step entirely! I can't think of any recipe where you couldn't just leave the peel on...

  7. @Cindy DG
    I always prebake my potato dishes otherwise they will be mushy. I don't bake them as long as the recipe says since I will be "rebaking" them from the freezer. Does that make sense? So glad you stopped by!

  8. @Leah
    I peel potatoes for my husband. He hates the peeling. I even peel his baked potatoes for him because I like to spoil him like that. But if it was me - I would never peel them. I don't mind the peel at all.


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