Monday, August 29, 2011

Tricks of the Trade - Freezing cooking tools

My friend gave me an idea for a blog post.  She told me she would be curious about all the non-food things that I keep on hand for mass cooking ventures - like pots, pans, bags, etc., disposable or reusable, best products, etc.  So, Katy, this is for you and whoever else might read it.

You know I love freezer cooking.  Below are the tools that are invaluable to me when I do my freezer cooking.  I will link to products either that I buy myself or something very similar.

 The Tools:

First of all I don't think I could get nearly as much done if I did not have my two slow cookers.  I have the big oval one and a regular one.

I have 3 jelly roll pans and I wish I had more because they are great for flash freezing foods.  When I am doing a lot of freezer cooking I keep transitioning them out.

Foil and plastic wrap - I get the industrial size at Sam's and it lasts forever - like years.

Foil pans - now these aren't necessary but you can get 30 of them for around $6 at Sam's and I use them for when I make meals for church so I have extra on hand and they are very convenient for lasagnas and casseroles and such.

Freezer Bags - quart and gallon - must have (I think).  Do not try to buy cheap bags here.  You will regret it when they leak all over your refrigerator when you are thawing them.   Again, I get them in bulk at Sam's unless there are some great coupon deals for them.

Strainers - I use these quite a bit and I have two.  They just seem to come in handy.

Big stock pot - I use it for cooking whole chickens mostly, if my slow cookers are full of something else.

Cookie scoops - use them for cookies (Shocking right!) and meatballs - I use the bigger size but I guess it depends how big you want your cookies and/or meatballs to be.

9 x 13 inch pans - I have several but you should at least have 2 on hand.

Mixer or Bread maker (or I prefer to use both) - I use this for mixing up cookie dough, pizza dough, and any other dough I might do.

Muffin pans - for doing muffins and mini meatloaves.

Large storage containers - for rising bread dough - I use these mostly for my Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a day.  I used two of them last time since I made 6 loaves of garlic bread.   I bought mine at a garage sale.  I think you can get them at Sam's as well.

Am I forgetting anything?  What tools do you use when you do freezer cooking?

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  1. I love using foil pans when bringing a new mom or neighbor a meal. That way they don't have to worry about returning the dishes.

    Thanks for these tips. I'm just starting the whole "Freezer Cooking" thing so any info I can get is very appreciated!

  2. Thrifty Mom in BoiseAugust 30, 2011 at 7:59 PM

    My bread machine and slow cookers (small, medium and large sizes) are by far my favorite small appliances. I use them all the time.

    Thank you for keeping me inspired.


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