Friday, December 9, 2011

Wrapping Presents

I just had to announce to you that I wrapped presents today.  Why is this monumental you ask?  Okay, so you probably did not ask but I am going to tell you.  This is the earliest that I have ever wrapped presents before.  My cousin, I think she wraps her presents and is done shopping by Nov. 1st.  I have never been that together.

This year I am way more together for some strange reason.  There will always be a few last minute things I will probably need to get but for now, I am ahead.  It may not happen again so I am documenting it.

How about you?  How soon do you wrap your presents?


  1. I am pretty much finished too, which is also very unusual for me.

    It's very nice to be ahead of things this year.

    I'm usually frantically wrapping the few minutes before we need to leave for a gathering or on Christmas eve, of course.

  2. I try to wrap them as I get them. But I've only wrapped a couple so far. I think it's on my list to do today though. LOL!
    Have a great day and your tree is very pretty.

  3. Gretchen, I hope you only have those gifts under the tree for your picture! If I were to put gifts under the tree before christmas morning, there is NO WAY they would remain wrapped until the day!

    I have my shopping done, but my gifts are not wrapped. I plan to do that next week.

  4. @The Real Me!
    Thank you! I wish I would wrap them as I get them. That is a better idea.

  5. @Sarah
    That is the amazing thing - they have not bothered them at all. They do want to open them but they honestly haven't touched them.


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