Monday, January 9, 2012

Do you want to memorize Colossians?

I saw that Money Saving Mom had posted that she wanted to memorize Colossians as one of her goals this year.  I am not going to make a huge list of goals this year because I am pregnant and I just hope to get through these next several months with my sanity in tact but I am making this one goal.

I am going to memorize Colossians, two verses a week for the rest of the year.  Want to join me?  There is a link here with more information but she has it in NIV and I don't like to  memorize in NIV so I made up my own document so that you could print it and memorize in whatever version you wanted to.

Here is the document.  You can print it from there.  Put it on your fridge.   Get an accountability partner to say it to. 

Keep me posted.  I will try to check in every so often and I will ask how you are doing too.


  1. That's funny, Colossians has been on my mind, too and Pastor B. is preaching it.

    I'm not sure what version I will use, probably will check out a few of them.

  2. Sounds like a great idea...too bad my printer is out of ink so I can't download the document. Josh has memorized Ephesians, 1John, and Colossians...I can't even imagine that! I tried Ephesians, but gave up after half of the first chapter. Memorization has helped him tremendously, especially having done it in full context. I suppose I should give it a try again. Colossians: here I come. Thanks for the challenge.


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