Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter or Spring Sensory Bin

I have had the items for this bin for a while.  I just picked up a few things here and there - mostly at the $1 Spot at Target.  Once again the kids really enjoyed it.  I had enough to make two bins so they could all do it.

Items we used:

Blue and purple Easter grass
Mini plastic eggs
Pom poms
Easter themed erasers - big and small
Prickly pom poms (I don't know the technical term)
2 big plastic eggs with "jumping" bunnies inside
Pretty sparkled foam stickers

I also placed small bowls and ice cube trays for sorting.  I gave them plastic spoons and tongs to use as well.

Demonstrating the jumping frogs

Some Ideas to do:

  • Have them find all of the hidden items.
  • Sort pom poms in ice cube trays by color. 
  • Hide items in mini plastic eggs - can also put matching color of pom poms into plastic eggs.
  • Sort items with like items
  • Make patterns with the items
  • Or just play!

My kids have loved these bins.  We pulled this one out early and I plan to keep it handy to play with for a while.

Other Easter Sensory Bin Ideas:

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  1. What a wonderful idea for a Sensory bin! We love them in our house to! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week!

    Mama Of Many Blessings

  2. @Nicole
    Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful week too.


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