Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break Accomplishment list - new items and some accomplished ones

Last week I wrote about what I wanted to accomplish during our long spring break (we have this week and next).  I actually accomplished a few things that weren't on my list but should have been:

Curtains for our laundry room, master bedroom and boys bedroom

Just a very simple valance in our bedroom

Still need to add some details to the front and back

And here is my original list:

1.  Redo my recipe binder - split it up into a few binders and make it prettier.
2.  Make curtains for my laundry room shelves (I have had the fabric forever).
3.  Make Alphabet bean bags or stenciled Alphabet bean bags
4. Make number bean bags  (Stencils to download)
5.  Make sandpaper letters
6.  Make a few child's aprons
7.  Check into DIY Montessori
6. Make an indoor sandbox
7.  Work on some freezer cooking
8.  Think about the idea of a breakfast bar and how to implement it
9. Try out mason jar meals
10.  Try out more easy lunch ideas 
11.  Make my daughter this sewing kit and work with her on it

I have made some plans with my stepmom and mamaw to help me make all those bean bags so they are coming over this week to help.

I am adding some spring cleaning to this week lists.  It isn't tough spring cleaning though and my older son wants to earn some more money so he will be helping me.  I will do a room a day:

  • Clean ceiling fan
  • Wipe down baseboards
  • Wipe down walls
  • Clean windows (if we are really ambitious otherwise that may wait until next week)
Obviously I am working on these things a little bit each day and some are very easy and some are not. 

This is what I have accomplished so far.   Do you have some things you are working on during spring break?


  1. We're having one week off this week. I'm going to do a major declutter and get all the good stuff ready for the church youth group yard sale thing.

    I would also like to do some actual cleaning, but we'll see:)

  2. @Ma
    Good idea, I need to save some stuff for the yard sale too!


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