Thursday, March 1, 2012

Natural Health and Beauty Products and a winner announced!

While I started eating whole foods and more natural foods about 3 years ago I have been reluctant to get into natural beauty products just because it is so easy to go to the store and grab them and quite honestly I tried some and they just didn't work well.

I finally decided to get serious about it and I started small.  I still haven't gotten to natural make up yet but that will come eventually.  First I should tell you that I have awful skin.  I have dealt with acne for about 20 years.  And now I am dealing with acne and wrinkles - I mean, come on.  Of course every acne treatment out there is so drying and I went to the dermatologist a lot and asked what I could do and she told me to get on birth control and when I refused because I don't like synthetic hormones - hence you know, the reason I am looking for natural things, she told me to take antibiotics.  I finally got through to her that I wanted something more natural.

She said what she recommended was to switch to organic dairy products.  Well, I hadn't done that yet because organic dairy is expensive.  I finally did although I don't drink milk, that much anyway, or ever actually.  Still I was having lots of flare ups.  I finally decided to just go for it and try some natural face wash.  I chose Kiss My Face and my skin has cleared up tremendously.  It is not perfect by any means and I still have problems but it is far better than it has been in a long time.

I buy it from Vitacost.  I use the face wash, the toner (which does not burn!), the eye cream and the moisturizer (they have a few different ones).  I started with the kit to try it out but that does not come with the toner so I bought that too.   I also have been using their shampoo.  I haven't tried their conditioner but I plan to try that next.

As far as soap, I have just recently purchased bar soap from Goats Milk Stuff.  It is a small, family owned business that I am happy to support.  I have been using the tea tree oil soap on my face since I ran out of my facial cleanser and it has worked wonderfully too.  Check them out!

I have been using Kiss My Face's Castile soap for shaving my legs. It is made with olive oil so it leaves your skin very, very smooth.  Let's just say it is husband-approved.

Moving on (aren't you glad), I wanted to announce my winner from Monday's give-a-way.

Thank you all for entering my give-a-way.  I appreciate all of you who read my blog.  I really, really do.  Now, without further ado the winner is:

Jen, I will be e-mailing you soon with more details.

If any of you use all natural products, please leave me a comment and let me know what you like because I would like to try more products.  If you have tried natural make up, I would love to hear about that too.  I have tried the mineral make up but I didn't love it.



  1. What didn't you like about mineral makeup? I really like this stuff:

    Also, I love, love, love me some witch hazel. I use Thayers, rose scent. You can get it at Whole Foods and on Amazon. It's a great toner (don't get the one with the astringent), and really works to reduce redness, or at least it did for me and my rosacea.

    Annnnndddd, you mention you like the castile soap because of how the olive oil makes your skin feel ... and I know this sounds crazy ... but have you heard of or tired the oil cleansing method for your skin?
    To be fair, I have very hearty skin, but man, oh, man, does it work for me and make my skin all clear and dewy looking.

  2. @VintageKrista
    Mineral make up doesn't cover well which works fine if you have good skin. Also, I have done witch hazel in the past and it is fine. Also, yes I did the olive oil wash and it did NOT work for me at all (and I tried it for 6 weeks) but again, I have bad skin. The stuff I mentioned above works for me really well.

  3. Hey Gret, I started getting into the more natural products after I got married. My husband was really against using deodorant. He had read and researched about how so many deodorants have cancer causing things in them. (I sound so scientific don't I?) Anyway, he begged me to try the the natural deodorant, and I gave it a try to get him to quit fussing. And I won't use anything else now. I LOVE it. I have really sensitive skin, and a lot of deodorants would cause irritation and sometimes I would break out in a rash. Here is the link to what I use, although this link shows a scented one, and I use the unscented.

    Give it a try, I absolutely love it, and NEVER thought I would say that!!

  4. @Kami
    I now use an all natural product also from Kiss My Face. My husband does too. He doesn't think it works as well but he is also afraid of the chemicals so he is okay with it. I think it works fine just not great when you are seriously sweating. Not that I ever do that, lol.


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