Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher's Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher's Appreciation Week at my son's school.  As some of you know he goes to a hybrid charter school where he is homeschooled three days a week and goes to school 2 days a week so he does have a teacher besides me and we really appreciate her!

I signed up to bring some things to the teachers.  They had a breakfast for the teachers and I brought Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls because I love them, I love making them and most of the people that try them love them too.

I also signed up to bring in little treats for the teachers.  There are 20 teachers and the lady that was in charge of coordinating the activities of the week had an idea to do these very cute M&M jars.  I found this link that had a cute printable poem and this was the result:

 I had a little help from my little elves:

 I did make my own teacher's appreciation gift - I made our family some of our favorite chocolate chip cookies.  I don't mind making my own teacher's appreciation gift.  At least that way I get exactly what I want:)

How about you - any good teacher appreciation ideas out there?

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