Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What we are up to this summer

Learning doesn't stop here in the summer.  We don't do a lot but I have a son who seems to forget everything if we don't continue learning something. 

Here is what we do:

Morning chores
Devotions and Bible memory verse
Summer Bridge Activities books (one for my soon to be kindergartner and one for my soon to be second grader)
Reading Eggs - one lesson a day
Reading on own
Read aloud chapter books
We have been having swimming lessons the last two weeks so we usually try to get out of the house a little after 10am.  I let the kids watch PBS from whenever they get up until about 8:30am, then the TV is shut off.  I made them laminated chore charts and they have those and they get started on them as soon as the TV goes off.

Yesterday my son (who is 7) told me I was really bossy (in a good natured way) in the mornings which I am because I am the mom and things need to be done by the time we leave.  So I told him that if he could get him and his little sister to complete their chores in a timely manner I would not have to be so bossy.  I put him in charge of the morning chores this morning and they did actually get done and I didn't have to do much but gently remind them to keep on track.  We will see if this continues everyday.

Once chores are complete then they do their devotionals from Word of Life.  My son reads the correct Bible reading (usually just a verse) and then they do an activity in their book.  We go over their memory verse for the week.

After that they do two pages from their summer bridge activity books.  Once that is completed my son does Reading Eggs on the computer while my daughter does a different learning activity.  When he is done, she gets on and does her Reading Eggs lesson while my son reads a book to me.

When she is done with her lesson she does her reading time to me while my older son plays.  All the while my toddler is with us at the table coloring and I try to squeeze in some learning time with him.  My daughter usually asks to help him so she does some learning game with him and then they play together.

We are done for the day with that except during nap time which is the time I read aloud to the older two or just my oldest while the others nap.

For reading we are doing some competition things.  I bought Hooked on Phonics K-2nd a while back when they were clearancing their old stuff out to make room for their new stuff.  We are using their books and posters for reading fun this summer.  Once they get to certain points we do treats like take them out for ice cream or go get a reasonably priced toy.  We also signed up for the library's summer reading program.  I keep their posters on the fridge and they put a sticker on when they have read the correct book or section.  This has made them more excited about reading which I am all for.

We are still doing fun stuff too:

 If we can get all of the other things done by 10 each day that gives us plenty of time to have fun!

What are you doing this summer?



  1. That pool looks so inviting! I start my vacation at 1 pm tomorrow, and the kids have Vacation Bible School all next week in the mornings. We will probably hit my sister's pool in the afternoons, and then next Wednesday evening we are going to a food truck festival.

  2. @Amy
    Food Truck Festival - that sounds awesome. I'd love to hear more about it.


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