Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today in Our Homeschooling

I am writing this down because I want to remember this day.  Before I went to bed last night I had a bad attitude.  I wanted to chuck this whole school at home/homeschooling thing.  I was thinking of 50 ways to get out of it.  And then the baby was up so many times I think I might have gotten 3 hours total of sleep in 30 minute increments.

But I had just spent several days coming up with ideas and schedules and things to make our day go smoothly and to make sure I didn't forget to add in fun things.  So I got up this morning and reminded myself that I couldn't quit right now anyway so I might as well use the tools that I had put together and see how it would go.

I used the schedule.  I used the chore charts.  The kids used them too.  I had them check things off.  I wasn't so stuck to the schedule that I stuck to it religiously.  I let things go here and there.  I decided we could do spelling hopscotch to go over spelling words instead of just writing them 3 times.

The point is, for today, it worked and it worked wonderfully.  I am happy not angry.  I am not stressed and I actually enjoyed today.  Even though my three year old pooped in his pants while I was doing language arts with my 7 year old.  It didn't take long to clean up.

I instituted D.E.A.R (Drop everything and read) for 15 minutes on their own beds and  Wowza, I was surprised. 

And then this happened:

We were doing science and we had to go through the house to measure things. One of the things was a phone book (we don't own a phone book anymore) so I grabbed Ryan's Bible and I said, "Lets use this book." Isaac promptly said, "Mom, that is not a book that is the Word of God." I was so proud of him.

So I am writing this down today so that I can come back and look at it on my hard days and on the days I don't really want to do this anymore


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  1. Great story:)

    I find that as the years go on in homeschooling, I take myself less seriously and try to have more fun with it. That to me has been the key to not chucking the whole thing.


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