Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week in Review - September 2012

I haven't done a week in review in quite a while so I figure it is high time I start again.

School Time

She just woke up one morning and wanted to sort.  So she did.
Here he is prewriting for letter "A"

She is gluing things that start with "A" into the basket

Everyone is suppose to be working on handwriting - suppose to be.
We went on a scavenger hunt around the house for things that start with "A".
One of our busy bags - bug counting.

This is my 2nd grader practicing his spelling words on the hopscotch mat.   

Gluing her verse.

Fun Times

An impromptu family concert

The whole gang

We took the girls out for Miss M's 5th birthday

My niece spent the night and she painted Miss M's nails.

Mimi made a party at the park for Miss M


She brought little gifts for everyone else too

Chick Fil A put on a Daddy/Daughter date night and Miss M was thrilled to get dressed up to go on a date with daddy.  Chick Fil A had the tables all decorated with candles and such.  They had sparkling cider and even were able to go on a limo ride.  She loved it.

We started soccer for our 3 year old.  He did really well stretching and standing on the sidelines.  And that is as far as we got.  We keep going but he keeps standing on the sidelines.

 And this little girl just continues to be cute.

 And that was our week.  I'm tired just looking at it again.  Hope your week goes well and you spend as much time with the ones you love as possible.

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