Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week in Review - Fall Break

This week we were on fall break.  Even though we were on fall break I still needed to catch up on some science experiments that I had been putting off.  I love to do them, they just take so much time.

I have been having the kids help me more and more in the kitchen.  I bought this knife from Amazon.
It works so well for them!

Do you see this girl's hair?  It is like she went to the beauty shop and had it curled and set.

Cousins born a month apart.

The kids have been getting better at making pizza dough.  My son makes the dough for the pizza (with lots of help from me) and my daughter has been making this dessert pizza - cinnamon and sugar.

We managed to get outside when it was almost 80 and now its barely 40:(

We have been playing some card games - this one is "Monster Match".

My son was able to "graduate" from this Tae kwan do class he has taken for the last 6 weeks.  He was most excited about breaking a board.

This was a peek into our weak.  How did your week go?

 *If you are interested this is the knife I bought for the kids to use.  We love it!  It is an affiliate link, FYI.


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