Saturday, November 3, 2012

Week In Review - Baking, Spelling and Coffee

We were back at it this week - school was in full swing.  I am still trying to catch up with History and Science from being so behind but we are almost there.  Science experiments are what get me.  I have fun doing them but they are A LOT of work.

Onto our week, we actually were able to go to a fun place that we like to go every fall.  It was FREE thanks to our hybrid school!  It was freezing out but the kids still had fun.

The combine slide

I think he was dancing or something.

My girl is becoming quite the kitchen helper.  We worked on cracking eggs this week and while we still had to fish some shell out of them, she was doing quite well.

This little girl likes to slobber and laugh.  And here she is doing both.

We were trying to decide on a Halloween costume from our dress up stash so we went ahead and played dress up too.

The boys are using this alphabet mat as a wrestling mat as well as for learning.  Boys!

We did some pumpkin mazes and we made some bats with a cut out of our hands.

It is well known by now that my boys don't like to wear their shirts around the house.  We start out wearing shirts but they are gone by lunch time.  And by we I mean the boys.  You knew that right?

I already told you how we use the mat to practice spelling words.

We also use it for . . . whatever this is.

Trick or treating was on a Wednesday night this year so we went out for about 30 minutes and then hurried ourselves to church.  We got enough candy to last a few days but not too much.  I always enjoy it because you get to meet neighbors you might not otherwise get to meet.

I also made these "thankfulness trees" using the kids hands and arms.  I bought peel and stick foam leaf stickers and I use a black sharpie to write what they are thankful for - one thing each day but they can tell me more if they have more.  It is on our garage door.  I did a test stick and they come off without taking the paint with them.  Although this door needs to be repainted anyway.

And last but not least - drumroll please - my new coffee maker!  I told everyone on Facebook this week how I was having a minor crisis because our coffee maker was dying and if you know me you know that coffee is right next to blood when it comes to allowing me to live.  And because God is amazing and cares about our needs - the very day our coffee maker died a check came in the mail from an overpayment of a medical bill.  We were able to cash it and buy this and have money left over for a few other things.  Thank you Lord for giving us things we haven't even asked for yet.  (I know the Lord didn't actually send me money to buy a Keurig - my theology isn't off, but I am thankful that needs are met in ways that I don't believe are coincidences.)



  1. My kids love to cook in the kitchen with me as well and it gets to a point where they are actually "helpful" and I love that.
    Oh and I love my Keurig. Congratulations on the God gift!
    Have a great night.

  2. The Lord always provides!

    What is it about boys and no shirts? That's a constant battle here. And pants...if I can keep them in shirts, their pants are missing...

  3. SO jealous of your new Keurig! Mine is dying now too :(

  4. Congrats on the Keurig! I know it's been a blessing in my house :-). God knows all our needs and wants...even coffee!

  5. @Meg
    I know - pants are also a problem with my little guy too.


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