Monday, November 5, 2012

Menu Plan - 11.5.12

We had this meal when I was young.  I seem to remember that we had it on Wednesday nights a lot.  My stepmom wanted a quick and easy meal to make before church.  We had Zesty Italian Hamburger helper and then she made her "breadsticks".  She usually served them with nacho cheese.  We loved this meal when I was younger.  I remember it fondly.  Of course now I try to make food that is homemade and so I found this - Homemade Hamburger Helper.

I made this for my family and everyone liked it.  I also made T's "breadsticks".  Basically you just take bread and butter it and sprinkle garlic salt on it and bake it until slightly crispy.  Cut into "strips" and serve.


Menu Plan

I keep breakfast and lunches simple.  I do some things on the weekend to make it easier for the week. I try to serve smoothies with breakfast or at least sometime between breakfast and lunch.



  • PB & J, fruit and veggies
  • Leftovers  
  • Mini pizzas and carrots 


Hope you have a great week!  And check out more menu plans at Menu Plan Monday.

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  1. Gret,
    The garlic toast is also a good way to use up bread heels and leftover hamburger and hotdog buns. Just lightly butter, sprinkle with garlic salt or other spices, and put under the broiler. Yumm!

  2. I’m stopping by for a visit from Organizing Junkie, Menu Plan Monday.
    I love the idea of homemade Hamburger Helper. My mother used to make Hamburger Helper a few times a week. I'm definitely going to check out the recipe.
    This time of year can definitely add up. I’m working on my shopping lists for this week, looking for sales. We’re not having turkey this Thanksgiving. The choices are pizza or homemade lasagna. We’re turkey’ed out!
    Everything looks so delicious.
    I hope you have a wonderful week.

  3. @Favorite MIL
    Who is this? Ha, just kidding. I do that too when we have leftover hot dog buns but no hot dogs.


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