Saturday, January 12, 2013

Week in Review

This week we had a really good week.  It went from 5 inches of snow in our front yard to completely melted to 60's and rainy.  Thus is life in Indiana. 

Here is a peak into our week:

Mimi got her this dress

Yes he likes coffee but its decaf.

Our little friend came over and she wanted to pretend she was still a baby.

A reusable pouch that I fill with baby food - Genius!


This is something I have been wanting to start - family nights!  We finally did it.  I wrote it on the calendar so maybe that is why happened.  I bought several books from Focus on the Family a while back.  The one we used tonight was from Christian Character Qualities - Family Night Tool Chest.  I will talk more about this later in the week. 

This family night was about contentment.   One of the activities had the kids bring their favorite toy and put it in a box.  

Miss M wasn't wanting to bring her doll.  She was afraid she would be made to give it away.

The night went well and I will explain more later this week.

I also put together an obstacle course one day to get the kids energy out.  The pictures from that aren't the greatest but you get an idea of what they did.  I will talk more about that later this week too.

Making the shot

Jumping on the trampoline

His version of push ups - Up

And down

 All-in-all we had a good week.  I hope you were able to spend good times with your family too.


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