Friday, February 22, 2013

Week in Review

We are doing a few changes in our homeschool. I can't really share a lot now but they are very good changes. I may talk more about them soon.  For now here is how our week went:

I am trying to work on some fine motor things with the kids to improve their handwriting skills.

I did help him a lot with this.

My 5 year old likes to do Starfall - especially the free math portion.

 I have researched a lot of things for my son who doesn't like to read very much.  I found these graphic novels that are done from the classics like Robin Hood and Knights of the Round Table.

Oh, and my stepmom crocheted this for me.  Right now it is holding our All About Spelling curriculum.

And here is All About Spelling in action - we just started it this week:

I also reorganized our art supplies.  I am hoping that these will entice the kids to do more art.

And did you know ten rods weren't just for math?

 I have been doing some inside obstacle courses lately.  The kids LOVE them.

The hallway was the hopscotch area.

Then I had them crawl under the kitchen chairs and then walk over them.  We had fun music playing through Pandora on the TV.

We also jumped 10 times on the trampoline.

Then we did the course with a spoon and a cotton ball.  Of course we couldn't drop the cotton ball.

We walked this "line" while balancing a magazine on our head.

Then we built a blanket fort.

And here's life this week:

She had the camera and took this self portrait.

Our baby girls growing up.

She found my wedding stuff.

He tried on daddy's desert camo.

Big brother's tickling little sister

Waiting room Kindle playing.

 I hope you all had a great week!

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  1. The obstacle course looks like so much fun! I think I will set one of these up for my son next week! Stopping by from the Weekly Wrap-Up :-)

  2. How cute they are in their dress up clothes! I hope you'll consider adding this to my end of the week link up, Its a Wrap. -Savannah

  3. Looks like a great week. I look forward to hearing about your changes.

    I love those glass jars from Walmart - and the Expedit IKEA shelving! My schoolroom would be sad without them. :)


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