Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week in Review - Our Life and School

This was just a mostly ordinary week for us..  


 Here is our little man.  I don't do anything formal with him.  I just do some fun things he likes.

Here he is doing Starfall.  They love it.

Pom Pom magnets on a dot-to-dot page.

He did his cars on this road letter but then he decided he wanted to do his own thing on it.

He wanted to trace his name.

Here he is playing cars on it.  I am thinking of cutting out the letters and making one big alphabet road with it.

Some pattern block puzzles for him to do.

Matching letters game - this one was short lived.

Miss M - we don't do anything formal with her either.  Here she is string beads and making necklaces.

We have been watching "What's in the Bible" on Jelly Telly.

No spelling here - she just wanted to do this for fun.

She traced this verse.

We played dominoes and I forgot all of the rules.

She wanted to do something crafty.

My second grader loves animals and loves learning about them (He daily begs us for a dog).  We got this animal tracks match  up from Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational.

He was watching something on animals.

We do All About Spelling and I cannot say enough good things about it.  They teach you rules to memorize instead of just memorizing the many sight words that schools want you to memorize.  I love it!  There are still sight words but I am amazed at how many "sight" words actually follow some spelling rules.  I don't think I was taught this so I'm learning a lot too!

He wanted to learn about flying carp so we watched an educational video all about that.  He really enjoyed it and could tell me several facts about it.

Here he is doing some of our calendar time notebook.


We went to Bass Pro and they just happened to be having a fishing demo and the kids all got to fish!

We then just explored the rest of the store.

This girl has become quite the little helper.

 And this face just makes me happy happy happy.  She is such a sweet little girl.  We all love her!

 And that is a peak into our week.  How was your week?

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