Monday, April 29, 2013

Week in Review


At the beginning of the week we took advantage of the free Ritter's frozen custard cone!

My girl loves to pamper me (some days) and I was reading stuff to my oldest while she was giving me a pedicure.   I do really live the life.

 We are taking swimming lessons and it is going pretty well.

My friend and I got together for a freezer cooking day and this was our mess.

We visited Mimi and Pappa's house and had fun!

My dad was quite the good sport while she was "looking" for things with this lighted magnifying glass.


We have been doing these yoga cards.  We each take turn grabbing one until they are all done.

She is watching a Math U See video and doing decimal street.

Science continues to be a favorite although I am thinking about stopping it soon and just doing the Backyard Scientists for the summer.  We were doing a whale experiment here talking about baleen whales.

Then we drew a whale.

That was a peak into our week.  Hope you had a good week with your loved ones.

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